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In preparation for the annual forest spirit procession, the little creatures of the garden skitter about the woods in search of toadstools to offer the benevolent spirits. After arranging them in a neat ring in view of the full moon, they quickly return to their homes,  for even the youngest of the creatures know they must be sound asleep 

for the ceremony to begin. Come nightfall, Glistening light particles ride down with the moonlight, and the mystical forest spirits come to assess their mushroom offering. 

They select the toadstools that please them most, and imbue them with their magical energy.


The following morning at the first light of dawn, the forest critters return to the site of the offering, eager to find their mushrooms brought to life by the spirits. Some have legs to run around the forest, and some grow eyes to protect their inhabitants from evil spirits.

Cherry Bum

Expected to be ready 4-6 weeks after ordering date :)

Our mushroom creatures are all individually hand sculpted and glazed.

Material: Earthenware, durable for both indoor and outdoor.

Size: Apx - 10cm long, 8cm height

Modification: Please feel free to leave us a note or message if you'd like to modify the colour of the body or the cap. We will do our best to make them come true :)

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